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India's Election: What Next for the Economy? Print
Mark Weisbrot
San Diego Union Tribune, May 21, 2004
Torture in Iraq Print
Mark Weisbrot
Providence Journal, May 17, 2004
Building on the Bubble Print
Dean Baker
Houston Chronicle, May 17, 2004
IMF at 60: Reform Still a Long Way Off Print
Mark Weisbrot
Bangkok Post, April 22, 2004
The Sequel to the Stock Market Bubble: the Housing Bubble Print
Mark Weisbrot
Businessweek.com, April 12, 2004 
Is The Fed Playing Election-Year Politics? Print

Mark Weisbrot
Jordan Times, April 1, 2004

Spanish Voters Throw Out Pro-War Party Print
Mark Weisbrot
Hartford Courant (CT), March 16, 2004
"We Are All Protectionists Now" Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Myrtle-Beach Sun News, March 3, 2004
Another Intelligence Failure at the White House Print
Dean Baker
San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 17, 2004
Bush on Ropes: Lessons for the Democrats Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, February 9, 2004 
It Pays to Get Tough With the IMF Print
Mark Weisbrot
Providence Journal, February 8, 2004
Social Security Doing Just Fine Print
Mark Weisbrot
Providence Journal, January 23, 2004
Fed Should Have Acted in Stock Market Bubble Print
Mark Weisbrot
Charleston Gazette, January 18, 2004
Bush Promises the Moon, But Where are the Jobs? Print
Mark Weisbrot
Charlotte Observer, January 14, 2004
Ohio Election Problems Highlight Urgent Need for Reform Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, January 7, 2004 
Washington's Past Relationship With Saddam Hussein Worth Looking At Print
Mark Weisbrot
Times Union (Albany, NY), Jan. 2, 2004
CAFTA Not Likely to do Better Than NAFTA Print
Mark Weisbrot
Chicago Tribune, December 19, 2003
Who to Blame When the Next Bubble Bursts Print
Dean Baker
Los Angeles Times, Dec. 18, 2003
America's Hidden Human Rights Problem Print
Mark Weisbrot
Charlotte Observer, December 10, 2003
Signs of Economic Discovery Haven't Trickled Down Print
Mark Weisbrot
Detroit Free Press, December 5, 2003
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