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Op-eds & Columns
Another World is Possible - And Necessary Print
Mark Weisbrot
San Diego Union Tribune, January 29, 2003
A Split Screen in Strike-Torn Venezuela Print
Mark Weisbrot     En Español
Washington Post, January 12, 2003
Not Very Stimulating: The Bush Tax Cut Print
Dean Baker
Columbian (WA), Jan. 10, 2003
Bush's New Tax Cut: Another Dividend for the Rich Print
Mark Weisbrot
Sacramento Bee, January 6, 2003
Court Steps In Where Political Corruption Blocks Reform Print
Mark Weisbrot
Charleston Sunday Gazette Mail, January 5, 2003
U.S. Still Intervening Against Democracy in Venezuela Print
Mark Weisbrot    En Español
Daily News (CA), December 19, 2002
No Cheap Wars Print
Dean Baker
Dec. 16, 2002
Bush Administration Pushes for "Regime Change" in Venezuela Print
Mark Weisbrot     En Español
Providence Journal (RI), December 5, 2002
Getting the Most Out of Homeland Security Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, November 21, 2002 
Phase Two of Bush's War Plan Rumbles Ahead as World Leaders Ignore Anti-War Outcry Print
Mark Weisbrot
Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, November 17, 2002
Democrats Could Try Telling the Truth Print
Mark Weisbrot
Chicago Tribune, November 12, 2002
It's a New Day, and Brazil Wants a New Deal Print
Mark Weisbrot
Los Angeles Times, November 1, 2002
The Cost of Protectionism in Pharmaceuticals Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Information Tribune Services, October 24, 2002
Venezuelan Democracy Under Siege Print
Mark Weisbrot    En Español
Miami Herald, October 21, 2002
War Talk: Changing the Channel Print
Mark Weisbrot
Charlotte Observer, September 28, 2002
Costs of War Print
Mark Weisbrot
Bangkok Post, September 14, 2002
No Picnic: Working on Labor Day Print
Dean Baker and Helene Jorgensen
Philadelphia Inquirer, Sep. 2, 2002
Brazil Pays So the Banks Don't Have To Print
Mark Weisbrot
Washington Post, September 1, 2002
Globalization Fails to Deliver Print
Mark Weisbrot  Em português
Wichita Eagle (Wichita, KS)- August 27, 2002 
Bush Administration Tries to Hide Role in Venezuela Coup Print
Mark Weisbrot   Em português
Day (New London, CT) - August 9, 2002  
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