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Op-eds & Columns
Economists in Denial Print
Mark Weisbrot
Washington Post, August 5, 2002
The Post-Bubble Economy: A Better World Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Burlington Free Press (VT), July 25, 2002
An Economist's View of the Stock Market Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, July 18, 2002 
Wall Street and Welfare: The "W" Solution Print
Dean Baker
July 15, 2002
Brazil's Challenge Print
Mark Weisbrot
Janesville Gazette (WI), July 12, 2002
First the Hype, Now the Pain; Market's Fall Was Both Predictable and Predicted Print
Dean Baker
Los Angeles Times, June 27, 2002
What Are They Doing to Argentina? Print
Mark Weisbrot   
En español
   Em português
Miami Herald
, June 25, 2002
US Trade Policy: "Do As We Say, Not As We Did" Print
Mark Weisbrot
Bangkok Post, June 19, 2002
Spying and Lying: The FBI's Dirty Secrets Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Sacramento Bee, June 7, 2002
The Africa Tour: First, Do No Harm Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Sacramento Bee, June 3, 2002
Bush Administration Scandals: The Beginning of the End? Print
Mark Weisbrot
Rutland Herald (VT), May 26, 2002
Attack of the Clowns: The Real Bush is Back Print
Dean Baker
Commondreams.org, May 23, 2002
Derailing Fast Track Print
Mark Weisbrot
Houston Chronicle, May 21, 2002
Will Darth Vader Do Time? The Enron Saga Continues Print
Dean Baker
Commondreams.org, May 8, 2002
Brazilian Democracy Faces Obstacles from the North Print
Mark Weisbrot    Em português
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, May 7, 2002 
What About the Trade Deficit? Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, April 30, 2002 
When Surrender Isn't Good Enough Print
Mark Weisbrot     En Español
New London Day, April 25, 2002
Venezuelan Democracy Survives, In Spite of Washington Print
Mark Weisbrot     En Español
Houston Chronicle, April 16, 2002
What Do Financial Advisors Really Know? Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Hour (CT), April 3, 2002
World Bank Opposes Changing Grants to Loans for Poor Countries Print
Mark Weisbrot
Free Lance-Star (VA), March 28, 2002
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