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Op-eds & Columns
The Upside of Unemployment Print
John Schmitt
The American Prospect, July 31, 2000
Rich Countries Offer Empty Promises to the World's Poor Print
Mark Weisbrot
Miami Herald, July 27, 2000
Battle for Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits Heats Up Print
Mark Weisbrot
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, July 14, 2000
We Need More World and a Lot Less Bank Print
Mark Weisbrot
Los Angeles Times, July 6, 2000
Double Bubble - Headed for Trouble? Print
Mark Weisbrot
St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 23, 2000
Trade Trumps Human Rights in Supreme Court Decision Print
Mark Weisbrot
Boston Globe, June 22, 2000
Labor in 2000: No Place to Go Print
Mark Weisbrot
Miami Herald, June 20, 2000
World Bank Oil Pipeline Project: Much Pain, No Gain Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Media Services, June 5, 2000
The China Deal: If You Can't Sell It, Buy It Print
Mark Weisbrot
San Diego Union Tribune, May 24, 2000
Social Security Needs Saving Only From the Politicians Print
Dean Baker
Baltimore Sun, May 23, 2000
Social Security: Too Important to Leave to the Politicians Print

Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot
San Francisco Chronicle, May 21, 2000

Not Exactly Free Trade Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Media Services, May 8, 2000
Globalization on the Ropes Print
Mark Weisbrot
Harper's Magazine, May 2000
Four Dead in Ohio: Thirty Years Later Print
Mark Weisbrot
Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 4, 2000
Putting 'Secure' Back in Social Security Print
Dean Baker
Washington Post, May 3, 2000
Here's One Way to Real Tax Freedom for Most Print
Dean Baker
Houston Chronicle, May 3, 2000
Protesters 2, Multinational Monsters Print
Mark Weisbrot
Intellectualcapital.com, April 20, 2000
Old Rules Catching Up With 'New Economy' Print
Dean Baker
San Diego Tribune, April 18, 2000
You Call This a Crisis? Print
Dean Baker
USA Today, Apil 10, 2000
A Blank Check from Washington for Colombia's Dirty War Print
Mark Weisbrot
Buffalo News, April 9, 2000
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