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Fed Data Show Bleak Picture for Those Nearing Retirement Print

Dean Baker
November 10, 2014, Fortune

Full Employment: The Recovery’s Missing Ingredient Print

Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker
November 3, 2014, The Washington Post

Will Democrats Be Able to Talk Seriously About the Economy in 2016? Print

Dean Baker
November 3, 2014, TruthOut

The 'Collaborative Economy': Competing on a Level Playing Field? Print

Dean Baker
October 30, 2014, Policy Network

Democrats Run Away from Success of 'Obamacare' Print

Dean Baker
October 28, 2014, Al Jazeera America

Fears of Bubbles on Wall Street Print

Dean Baker
October 28, 2014, The Hankyoreh

The Ebola Vaccine, Traffic Congestion, and Global Warming Print

Dean Baker
October 27, 2014, TruthOut

Economic Issues Could be Decisive in Brazilian Presidential Election Print

Mark Weisbrot
October 24, 2014, The Hill
Folha De S. Paulo

Ebola Hysteria Fever: A Real Epidemic Print

Dean Baker
October 20, 2014, TruthOut

Why Did Britain’s Political Class Buy Into the Tories’ Economic Fairytale? Print

Ha-Joon Chang
October 19, 2014, The Guardian

Paid Sick Days Benefit Worker and Employer Print

Eileen Appelbaum and Ruth Milkman
October 17, 2014, Philadelphia Inquirer

World's Richest Man Tries to Defend Wealth Inequality Print

Dean Baker
October 16, 2014, Al Jazeera America

New Jersey Needs Sick-Pay Legislation Print

Eileen Appelbaum and Ruth Milkman
October 15, 2014, NorthJersey.Com

The Damage from a High US Trade Deficit Print

Dean Baker
October 13, 2014, Al Jazerra America

The Deficit Is Down and the Deficit Hawks Are Furious Print

Dean Baker
October 13, 2014, TruthOut

What if Taxes Go Up And No One Notices? Print

Nicole Woo
October 9, 2014, The Hill

Capital in the Twenty-First Century: Are We Doomed Without a Wealth Tax? Print

Dean Baker
October 7, 2014, Real-World Economics Review

Democrats Run Away from Success of Obamacare Print

Dean Baker
September 22, 2014

The Good News and Bad News About 5.9 Percent Unemployment Print

Dean Baker
October 6, 2014, Truthout

Campaigning Dems Must Tell Voters ACA's Affordable and Gaining Popularity Print

Dean Baker
October 2, 2014, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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