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Threats, Dirty Tricks, Fake Polls: Costa Rica Votes Under Duress on 'Free Trade' Print
Mark Weisbrot
AlterNet, October 5, 2007
The Housing Bubble Pops Print
Dean Baker
The Nation, October 1, 2007
Interest Rate Policy In the United States: Fighting a Collapsing Bubble Print

Dean Baker
The Hankyoreh (South Korea), October, 2007

From WMDs to Social Security: More Bush Stories Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, October 1, 2007
Uninsured Kids Are Protecting Bush's Ego Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, September 23, 2007
Stop Blaming the Boomers Print
Dean Baker
AlterNet, September 20, 2007
Alan Greenspan and His Bubbles Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, September 19, 2007
Working Family Values: No-Benefit Jobs Leave Parents Struggling Print
Heather Boushey
Sojourners, September/October 2007
Cheap Advice on Real Estate Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, September 17, 2007
Recession Time! The Housing Bubble Bursts the Economy Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, September 11, 2007
Nobel Prize Economist James Heckman Praises Paper on the European Welfare State and Unemployment Print
James Heckman
Capitalism and Society, 2007
Gas Tax Equals Bridge Safety Print
Dean Baker
BusinessWeek, September 4, 2007
The Dirty Toilet Principle: The Fed and the Housing Bubble Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, September 4, 2007
Needed for Labor Day: Something to Celebrate Print
Mark Weisbrot
McClatchy Tribune Information Services, August 30, 2007
Save the Homeowners, Not the Hedgefunds Print
Dean Baker and Andrew Samwick
Providence Journal, August 31, 2007
Bush's Painful, Lopsided Economic 'Recovery' Continues Print
Heather Boushey
AlterNet, August 30, 2007
The Right to Unionize: Key to Democracy Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, August 27, 2007
Have the Hedge Fund Boys Killed Wall Street? Print
Dean Baker
International Business Times, August 21, 2007
Save Subprime Borrowers, Not Bloated Bankers Print
Dean Baker
Truthout, August 20, 2007
The Subprime Borrower Protection Plan Print
Dean Baker
August 20, 2007
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