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No Boost for Development in World Trade Negotiations? Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Information Tribune Services, August 3, 2004 
The Unbearable Costs of Empire Print
Mark Weisbrot
BusinessWeek.com, July 29, 2004    En español
George W. Bush's Record-Breaking Economy Print
Mark Weisbrot
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services, July 27, 2004 
Old Enough to Take Responsibility Print

Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian, July 26, 2004

Exercise Fiscal Responsibility Print

Dean Baker and Heather Boushey
In These Times, July 4, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Could Change History Print
Mark Weisbrot
Monterey County Herald, July 3, 2004
Regime Change in Haiti: A Coup By Any Other Name Print
Mark Weisbrot   En Español
Aventura News, June 15, 2004
Latin America's Stunted Growth Print
Mark Weisbrot
BusinessWeek.com, June 15, 2004 
Ronald Reagan's Legacy Print
Mark Weisbrot
Chicago Tribune, June 8, 2004
Media Falls Short on Iraq, Venezuela Print
Mark Weisbrot
Jordan Times, June 6, 2004
Spinning Out of Control: Making the Recession Look Good Print
Dean Baker and Heather Boushey
Center for American Progress website, June 4, 2004
The Housing Bubble: A Time Bomb in Low-Income Communities? Print
Dean Baker
Shelterforce: The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building, May/ June 2004
India's Election: What Next for the Economy? Print
Mark Weisbrot
San Diego Union Tribune, May 21, 2004
Torture in Iraq Print
Mark Weisbrot
Providence Journal, May 17, 2004
Building on the Bubble Print
Dean Baker
Houston Chronicle, May 17, 2004
IMF at 60: Reform Still a Long Way Off Print
Mark Weisbrot
Bangkok Post, April 22, 2004
The Sequel to the Stock Market Bubble: the Housing Bubble Print
Mark Weisbrot
Businessweek.com, April 12, 2004 
Is The Fed Playing Election-Year Politics? Print

Mark Weisbrot
Jordan Times, April 1, 2004

Spanish Voters Throw Out Pro-War Party Print
Mark Weisbrot
Hartford Courant (CT), March 16, 2004
"We Are All Protectionists Now" Print
Mark Weisbrot
The Myrtle-Beach Sun News, March 3, 2004
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