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Can War with Iran Be Prevented? Print

Mark Weisbrot
The Hill, December 5, 2013

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No Need for Fed to Change Policy Print

Mark Weisbrot
U.S. News & World Report, December 5, 2013

Pay Retirees What They’ve Earned Print

Dean Baker
The New York Times, December 5, 2013

Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage Print

Dean Baker
Truthout, December 4, 2013

Honduran Elections Marred by Violence, Fraud Allegations: Will International Observers Look at the Evidence? Print

Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian, December 3, 2013

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Taking Asset Bubbles Seriously Print

Dean Baker
Al Jazeera America, December 2, 2013

Everyday Low Wages at Walmart: Brought to You by Government Policy Print

Dean Baker
Truthout, December 2, 2013

The Path to Renewed Growth Print

By Dean Baker
International Relations and Security Network, November 28, 2013

It Lowered Wages, as It Was Supposed to Do Print

Dean Baker
The New York Times, November 25, 2013

More Pain from the ACA: Spending Less on Health Care Print

Dean Baker
Truthout, November 25, 2013

Technology Didn't Kill Middle Class Jobs, Public Policy Did Print

Dean Baker
The Guardian, November 25, 2013

Honduras Elections: A Chance to Get it Right this Time Print

Alexander Main
Los Angeles Times, November 24, 2013

The Unemployment Rate at Full Employment: How Low Can You Go? Print

Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker
Economix (The New York Times), November 20, 2013

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Runs into Serious Resistance Due to Public Scrutiny Print

Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian, November 19, 2013

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What’s Going on at the WTO?: Opportunties and Risks before the 9th Ministerial Meeting Print

Deborah James
Huffington Post, November 18, 2013

No One Died at Healthcare.gov: The Phony Crisis of Obamacare Print

Dean Baker
Truthout, November 18, 2013

Japan is showing the world that stimulus works Print

Dean Baker
Al Jazeera America, November 18, 2013

More Cuts in Military Spending Are Good for America Print

Mark Weisbrot
Denver Sunday Post (CO), November 17, 2013

Buying into a Bubble: The Black Market Dollar in Venezuela Print

Mark Weisbrot
Panorama, November 21, 2013
Folha de São Paulo, November 13, 2013
Huffington Post
, November 13, 2013

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Want 'Free Trade'? Open the Medical and Drug Industry to Competition Print

Dean Baker
The Guardian Unlimited, November 11, 2013

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