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Statement on Deficit Commission Proposals
November 10, 2010
False Sense of Urgency Over Changes to Social Security
November 8, 2010
New Report: Increase in Retirement Age Disproportionately Hurts Workers at the Bottom
October 28, 2010
Statement on China Rare Earth Materials Policy
October 21, 2010
New Paper Finds IMF Policies are Increasing Risks to Economic Recovery in European, Other Countries
October 21, 2010
Given Current Economic Conditions, Fiscal Austerity not a Viable Path to U.S. Recovery
October 20, 2010
CEPR Co-Director Criticizes U.S. Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti
October 14, 2010
IMF Forecasts Global Slowdown, But Policies Remain Pro-cyclical In Many Countries
October 6, 2010
Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador: CEPR Co-Director
September 30, 2010 En Español
New Report Demonstrates That in Times of High Unemployment and Lost GDP, Deficits Not a Burden

September 28, 2010

Right to Rent Legislation Would Slow Growing Rate of Foreclosure
September 22, 2010
State and Local Workers Earn Less than Private Sector Workers, Even Factoring in Benefits
September 15, 2010
Venezuelan Recession Likely Ended in Second Quarter
September 3, 2010 En Español
Seven Key Facts About Social Security and the Federal Budget

September 1, 2010

Dr. Eileen Appelbaum Joins Staff of the Center for Economic and Policy Research
August 31, 2010
The Push for Social Security Cuts Ignores the Reality of the Program's Finances and Conditions of Near-Retirees
August 12, 2010
Millions of Older Workers in Occupations Classified as Physically Demanding or with Difficult Work Conditions
August 5, 2010
Statement on CBO's Revision of Long-Term Budget Outlook
August 3, 2010
CBO Changes Methodology for 2010 Long-Term Budget Projection
July 27, 2010
New Report Suggests Stimulus Better for Spanish Economy, Debt Burden, Than Austerity
July 22, 2010
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