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Falling Financial Sector Profits Lead to Declining Profit Share in 2007
March 27, 2008 (Profits Byte)
CEPR Paper Responds to Foreign Affairs on Venezuela
March 21, 2008
Lower Health and Housing Inflation Leave Overall and Core CPI Flat in February
March 14, 2008 (Prices Byte)
Publicly Funded Drug Trials Will Counteract the Corruption and Inefficiency of Testing
March 11, 2008
Private Sector Sheds Jobs for Third Consecutive Month
March 7, 2008 (Jobs Byte)
U.S. Recession Will Hurt Major U.S. Trading Partners, Projections Show
March 6, 2008
Foreclosure Plans Benefit Banks, But Do Little for Homeowners
March 4, 2008
Decline in U.S. Manufacturing Hurts African Americans Disproportionately

February 26, 2008

One in Five People in Working Families Fail to Attain to the Middle Class
February 21, 2008
CPI Rises 0.4 Percent in January, Core Edges Higher
February 20, 2008 (Prices Byte)
New Data Shows Continued Economic Progress in Venezuela
February 1, 2008
Economy Sheds Jobs, Unemployment Stable
February 1, 2008 (Jobs Byte)
Price Tumble Accelerates, Home Ownership Plunges
January 30, 2008 (Housing Market Monitor)
Flat Screen TVs Keep GDP Growing in Fourth Quarter
January 30, 2008 (GDP Byte)
Recession in 2008 Will Lead to Grim Economic Realities for Millions in US
January 29, 2008
Housing Starts: Is a Bottom In Sight?
January 23, 2008 (Housing Market Monitor)
Statement: President Bush’s Stimulus Plan is a Positive Step in Confronting Crisis
January 18, 2008
Core Inflation Continues to Edge Higher in December
January 16, 2008 (Prices Byte)
Economic Stimulus Needed Now
January 16, 2008
U.K.’s Living Standards Will Still Lag Behind the U.S.
January 11, 2008
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