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Opt Out Revolution? New Evidence to the Contrary
January 10, 2008
"Housing Market Monitor" to Offer Insights and Weekly Updates of Housing Sector
January 9, 2007
Job Growth Sags and Unemployment Jumps in December
January 4, 2008 (Jobs Byte)
C-SPAN Favors Conservative Think Tanks 3-to-1 Over Left-of-Center, Study Finds
December 18, 2007
Inflation Jumps by 0.8 Percent in November
December 14, 2007 (Prices Byte)
Delayed Debt Cancellation Will Only Hurt Haiti, New CEPR Paper Finds
December 12, 2007
Job Growth Slows In November
December 7, 2007 (Jobs Byte)
Venezuela: Datanalisis Pollster Dismisses the Firm’s Own Poll
November 30, 2007   En español
New Home Sales Down 23.5 Percent, Prices 13 Percent from Year Ago Levels
November 29, 2007 (Housing Byte)
Medicare Drug Plan Premiums Rise By Almost 25% in 2007
November 28, 2007
Risk of Deceptions in Venezuelan Referendum, CEPR Warns
November 28, 2007   En español
Inflation Remains Steady in October
November 15, 2007 (Prices Byte)
Despite Economic Growth, Share of Good Jobs Has Fallen Since 1979
November 6, 2007
Employment Rate Falls, Despite Strong Job Growth
November 2, 2007 (Jobs Byte)
Exports and Structures Drive Third Quarter GDP Growth
October 31, 2007 (GDP Byte)
Lessons from Argentina: New Paper Looks at Economic Policy in Argentina's High-Growth Recovery
October 24, 2007   En español
Core Inflation Creeps Higher in September
October 17, 2007 (Prices Byte)
Tens of Millions of Families with Low-Wage Workers Fall Into Gap Left by Employers and Government
October 10, 2007
Health Care and Restaurants Support Modest Job Growth
October 5, 2007 (Jobs Byte)
New CEPR Paper Looks at Sustainability of Exchange Rate Targeting and Sterilization
September 25, 2007    En español
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