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Health Care Costs Pose a Larger Economic Burden than Prospective Social Security Tax Hikes
March 24, 2005
Medicaid Subsidies Crucial to Working Mothers
March 16, 2005
Wage Inequality Poses a Larger Economic Burden Than Prospective Social Security Tax Hikes
March 14, 2005
Are They Advocating Default?
March 9, 2005
Inheritable Accounts to Be an Empty Promise for Many Black Men
February 9, 2005
Defaulting on Social Security Trust Fund Would Mean Massive Upward Transfer of Wealth
January 27, 2005
Study on Social Security Shortfalls Impact on Senior Poverty Flawed
January 18, 2005
Homeownership Not Always Best Option for Low Income Families
January 11, 2005
Poor Country Gains from Trade Greatly Overstated
November 18, 2004
Free Market Drug Act Promises Large Savings to State Governments
November 16, 2004
Bush Plan Cuts Social Security, Without Much "Ownership"
Statement by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot
November 9, 2004
Social Security Misrepresented in Presidential Debate
Statement by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot
October 14, 2004
Snow Job on Jobs: Treasury Secretary Snow Misrepresents Jobs Data
Statement by Dean Baker
October 14, 2004
Recent Job Loss Hits African Americans Harder
October 12, 2004
Can Developing Countries Afford to Hold Dollar Reserves?
September 29, 2004
CEPR Releases Report on Prescription Drug Research
September 22, 2004
Study Finds Economists' Allegations of Fraud in Venezuelan Referendum to Be Groundless
September 20, 2004 
CEPR Studies Find Significant Job Loss in Key Swing States
September 14, 2004
Job Loss Hits Harder In Latest Recovery
August 30, 2004
Venezuelan Referendum Highlights Problems With Polling and Elections
August 19, 2004
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