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New Paper Finds Jamaican Economy to Be Held Back by Pro-Cyclical Conditions Demanded by IMF, Creditors
May 7, 2012
New Paper Examines Ecuador's Success in Emerging from Economic Recession; Reducing Poverty and Unemployment
May 2, 2012
First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit was Temporary Fix At Best
April 18, 2012
Kim's Selection as World Bank President is a "Rare Historic Event" CEPR Co-Director Says
April 16, 2012
Proposals Raising the Normal Retirement Age for Social Security Would Lead to Increase in Inequality
April 11, 2012
New Calculator Shows Long-Run Deficit is Entirely Due to Health Care Costs
April 5, 2012
Cholera Infections Rising Again in Haiti as Rainy Season Begins, Highlighting Urgency for NGOs, Agencies to Redouble Their Efforts, CEPR Co-Director Says
April 3, 2012
Obama Administration’s Nomination of Jim Yong Kim for World Bank President is a Victory for Reform, CEPR Co-Director Says
March 23, 2012
Bank of America Tests Right to Rent
March 23, 2012
Bill Clinton’s Admission of UN Responsibility for Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic is a Welcome Step Forward, CEPR Co-Director Says
March 8, 2012
Unemployment Rate Does Not Tell the Full Story: Long-term Hardship a Tremendous Burden on Millions of Workers and the Economy
March 6, 2012
CEPR Co-Director Welcomes Jeffrey Sachs' Reform Candidacy for World Bank President
March 1, 2012
Statement In Support of Passage of Work-Share Legislation
February 23, 2012
New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro
February 23, 2012
Only One-Fourth of Low-Wage Workers in America Have Employer-Provided Health Insurance
February 22, 2012
Latest Agreement Won't Resolve Greek Crisis, Likely to Make it Worse, CEPR Co-Director Says
February 21, 2012
A Lower Dollar Would Ease the Pressure of the Unbalanced Trade Deficit
February 7, 2012
High and Rising Levels of Low-wage Work Remain a Cause for Concern in Many Countries
January 26, 2012
Statement on New Jersey’s Approval of Work Sharing
January 17, 2012
Two Years Later, Haitians Are Worse Off Due to Cholera, Lack of Accountability, CEPR Co-Director Says
January 10, 2012
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