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New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro
February 23, 2012
Only One-Fourth of Low-Wage Workers in America Have Employer-Provided Health Insurance
February 22, 2012
Latest Agreement Won't Resolve Greek Crisis, Likely to Make it Worse, CEPR Co-Director Says
February 21, 2012
A Lower Dollar Would Ease the Pressure of the Unbalanced Trade Deficit
February 7, 2012
High and Rising Levels of Low-wage Work Remain a Cause for Concern in Many Countries
January 26, 2012
Statement on New Jersey’s Approval of Work Sharing
January 17, 2012
Two Years Later, Haitians Are Worse Off Due to Cholera, Lack of Accountability, CEPR Co-Director Says
January 10, 2012
Data Suggest Long-term Unemployment Substantially Higher than Official Level
January 5, 2012
MINUSTAH Must Take Responsibility for Causing Cholera Epidemic That’s Killed 7,000 People, CEPR Co-Director Says
December 19, 2011
Latvia’s Economic Failure Has Important Lessons for Eurozone, New CEPR Paper Concludes
December 8, 2011
CEPR Co-Directors Welcome Fed’s Intervention in European Markets, But Say It is Not Enough
November 30, 2011
CEPR Co-Directors Call for Fed to Intervene in European Bond Market
November 28, 2011
New Report Suggests National Politics are an Important Factor in National Unionization Rates
November 17, 2011
G20 Continues With Failed Policies in Europe, Putting Regional and Global Economy at Risk, CEPR Co-Director Says
November 4, 2011
Senator Harkin and Representative DeFazio Introduce Financial Transactions Tax Proposal
November 2, 2011
New CEPR Paper Casts Doubt on Claims that Latin American "Social Democratic" Governments Have Done Better on Inequality than "Populist" Ones
October 27, 2011
New Paper Examines Argentina’s Economic Success
October 21, 2011
On One-Year Anniversary of Cholera’s Return to Haiti, CEPR Co-Director Calls for Restitution from United Nations Troops
October 19, 2011
OAS Overturned Haitian Presidential Election in a "Political Intervention," New CEPR Paper Suggests
October 17, 2011
How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost?
October 4, 2011
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