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CEPR Publishes Analysis of OAS Report Finding Serious Flaws, Unsupported Conclusions by the OAS Mission
January 17, 2011
CEPR Examines OAS Report on Haiti's Election, Finds It "Inconclusive, Statistically Flawed, and Indefensible"
January 11, 2011
Haiti Election Recount Report Reveals Massive Irregularities Beyond Those Noticed by the OAS and CEP

January 9, 2011

Senators Will Receive Social Security Benefits for Years to Come, Just like Everyone Else
January 5, 2011
Recount and Review of Haiti’s Election Tally Shows Massive Irregularities

December 30, 2010

Private, Opposition TV Continues to Dominate in Venezuela, New Paper Finds
December 13, 2010 En Español
Statement by Dean Baker on the Final Meeting of The President's Fiscal Commission
December 3, 2010
Statement from Dean Baker on President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
November 30, 2010
Report Warns Austerity Will Block Recovery, Risk Recession. Launches Campaign on Real Causes of Deficit
November 30, 2010
International Community Should Reject Haiti’s "Sham" Elections, CEPR Co-Director Says
November 29, 2010
New Paper Finds Big Increase in Trade is Transforming Colombian-Venezuelan Relations
November 16, 2010 En Español
Growth of Ex-Offender Population in United States Is a Dramatic Drag on Economy
November 15, 2010
Statement on Deficit Commission Proposals
November 10, 2010
False Sense of Urgency Over Changes to Social Security
November 8, 2010
New Report: Increase in Retirement Age Disproportionately Hurts Workers at the Bottom
October 28, 2010
Statement on China Rare Earth Materials Policy
October 21, 2010
New Paper Finds IMF Policies are Increasing Risks to Economic Recovery in European, Other Countries
October 21, 2010
Given Current Economic Conditions, Fiscal Austerity not a Viable Path to U.S. Recovery
October 20, 2010
CEPR Co-Director Criticizes U.S. Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti
October 14, 2010
IMF Forecasts Global Slowdown, But Policies Remain Pro-cyclical In Many Countries
October 6, 2010
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