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CEPR Releases New Study of Bush Social Security Plan
June 14, 2000
Double Bubble: The Implications of the Over-Valuation of the Stock Market and the Dollar

May 31, 2000

Gov. Bush's Social Security Plan Relies on False Numbers
May 15, 2000
CEPR Proposes Speculation Tax for an Earlier Tax Freedom Day
April 2, 2000
Social Security Trustees Move Closer to CBO Projections
March 30, 2000
Understanding the Social Security Trustees' Report
March 16, 2000
CBO Shows Brighter Picture for Social Security, Weak Profits for Wall Street
January 26, 2000
Social Security Panel Projects Slow Economic Growth
December 6, 1999 
Economists Issue Statement Questioning German Austerity Policies
September 29, 1999
Senator Gregg Agrees to Submit Request for Data on Stock Returns to Social Security Administration
February 22, 1999
CEPR Letter to Sen. Judd Gregg upon his Refusal to Disclose Projections
February 9, 1999
Senator Gregg Responds to Challenge on Stock Returns
January 28, 1999
Challenge Issued to Proponents of Privatization
January 22, 1999
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