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CEPR Announces New Partnership with Think Tank "Inclusion"

February 15, 2007

CEPR Announces New Partnership with Think Tank "Inclusion"

For Immediate Release:  February  15, 2007

Contact: Lynn Erskine, 202-293-5380 x115 

Washington, DC: The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Inclusion, a virtual think tank that develops and promotes innovative policy ideas to foster social and economic inclusion. Through policy papers, research, op-eds, and a blog, Inclusion advances a progressive long-term vision for producing a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world.

Inclusion's website: www.inclusionist.org  

The new collaboration strengthens the ability of both CEPR and Inclusion to inform public debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect peoples lives.

"The Center for Economic and Policy Research will gain from our association with this group of innovative policy analysts," said CEPR Co-Director Dean Baker. “There is a widely held belief that the United States is a highly mobile society. For much of the population, upward mobility is an illusion. We look forward to working with Inclusion to help make the facts about lack of mobility clearer, and to design and publicize policies that could make the prospect of upward mobility real.”

Inclusion co-founders Shawn Fremstad, Rachel Gragg and Margy Waller have, between them, worked for the White House Domestic Policy Council in the Clinton Administration, Senator Paul Wellstone, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Brookings Institution and the Center for Community Change.

"There is an important debate about the economy going on in Washington right now that social policy should contribute to and be informed by," said Margy Waller, Inclusion co-founder and director of The Mobility Agenda. "We are all excited about the opportunity to work with CEPR as we develop long-term plans for economic prosperity, based on broadly-shared values, utilizing innovative communication tools."