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Low-Wage Work in High-Income Countries: Labor-Market Institutions and Business Strategy in the U.S. and Europe
October 2009, Eileen Appelbaum and John Schmitt
Job Sharing: Tax Credits to Prevent Layoffs and Stimulate Employment

October 2009, Dean Baker

Free Trade in Health Care: The Gains from Globalized Medicare and Medicaid
October 2009, Dean Baker and Hye Jin Rho
IMF-Supported Macroeconomic Policies and the World Recession: A Look at Forty-One Borrowing Countries
October 2009, Mark Weisbrot, Rebecca Ray, Jake Johnston, Jose Antonio Cordero and Juan Antonio Montecino
The Value of the “Too Big to Fail” Big Bank Subsidy
September 2009, Dean Baker and Travis McArthur
Reimbursement Roulette: The Baucus Bill’s Too Playful Approach to “Play-or-Pay” in Health Care Reform
September 2009, Shawn Fremstad
More Budget Belt-Tightening Means More Job Losses for States
September 2009, Matt Sherman
Employer Responsibility in Health Care Reform: Potential Effects on Low- and Moderate-Income Workers

September 2009, Shawn Fremstad

Cost Effectiveness of the Most Widely Cited Think Tanks
September 2009
The State of the Unions in 2009: A Profile of Union Membership in Los Angeles, California and the Nation
September 2009, Lauren D. Appelbaum and Ben Zipperer
Cut Loose: State and Local Layoffs of Public Employees in the Current Recession
September 2009, Matt Sherman and Nathan Lane
The IMF’s Stand-by Arrangements and the Economic Downturn in Eastern Europe: The Cases of Hungary, Latvia, and Ukraine
September 2009, Jose Antonio Cordero
Half in Ten: Why Taking Disability into Account is Essential to Reducing Income Poverty and Expanding Economic Inclusion
September 2009, Shawn Fremstad
The Millennium Challenge Corporation and Economic Sanctions: A Comparison of Honduras With Other Countries

August 2009, Alexander Main and Jake Johnston

CBO Projects More Severe Downturn

August 2009, Dean Baker

Hitting Bottom? An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas
August 2009, Danilo Pelletiere, Hye Jin Rho, and Dean Baker
An International Comparison of Small Business Employment
August 2009, John Schmitt and Nathan Lane
The Gains from Right to Rent
July 2009, Dean Baker and Hye Jin Rho
Improving Direct Care Work: Integrating, Research and Practice
July 2009, Michele Ochsner, Carrie Leana and Eileen Appelbaum
The Right to Rent Plan
July 2009, Dean Baker [updated June 2011]
The Rise and Fall of the American Residential Equity Empire

July 2009, David Rosnick

The Alphabet Soup Explained: An Analysis of the Special Lending Facilities at the Federal Reserve
July 2009, Matt Sherman
Costa Rica During the Global Recession: Fiscal Stimulus with Tight Monetary Policy
July 2009, Jose Antonio Cordero
A Short History of Financial Deregulation in the United States
July 2009, Matthew Sherman
Update on the Ecuadorian Economy
June 2009, Mark Weisbrot and Luis Sandoval
Paid Sick Days Don't Cause Unemployment
June 2009, John Schmitt, Hye Jin Rho, Alison Earle, and Jody Heymann
Contagion Nation: A Comparison of Paid Sick Day Policies in 22 Countries
May 2009, Jody Heymann, Hye Jin Rho, John Schmitt, and Alison Earle
Economics and Politics of Work-Family Policy: The Case for a State Family Leave Insurance Program
Spring 2009, Karen White and Eileen Appelbaum
U.S. Unemployment Now As High as Europe
May 2009, John Schmitt, Hye Jin Rho, and Shawn Fremstad
Insolvency of the U.S. Banking System
May 19, 2009, Testimony of Dean Baker before the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight of the Committee on Science and Technology (House of Representatives)
Estimating the Cost of Contributions to the IMF
May 2009, Mark Weisbrot and David Rosnick
IMF Voting Shares: No Plans for Significant Changes
May 2009, Mark Weisbrot and Jake Johnston
The State and Local Drag on the Stimulus

May 2009, Dean Baker and Rivka Deutsch

Troubled Assets: The IMF's Latest Projections for Economic Growth in the Western Hemisphere

April 2009, David Rosnick

Empowering the IMF: Should Reform be a Requirement for Increasing the Fund’s Resources?

April 2009, Mark Weisbrot, Jose Cordero and Luis Sandoval

Workplace Innovation and Labor Policy Leadership: A Challenge to Business, Labor, and Government
April 2009, Thomas A. Kochan, Eileen Appelbaum, Jody Hoffer Gittell, Carrie Leana, and Richard A. Gephardt
Unions and Upward Mobility for Service-Sector Workers
April 2009, John Schmitt
Using Recovery Act Funds to Improve Direct Care Jobs and the Quality of Direct Care Services
March 2009, Shawn Fremstad
Pay for Play? Tax Credits for Paid Time Off

March 2009, Dean Baker

Dropping the Ax: Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, 1951-2007
March 2009, John Schmitt and Ben Zipperer
The AIG Saga: A Brief Primer

March 2009, Dean Baker

The Foreclosure Crisis and President Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program
March 19, 2009, Testimony of Dean Baker before the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity of the House Financial Services Committee
Is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Today Already as High as It Was in 1982?

March 2009, John Schmitt and Dean Baker

The Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus

March 2009, Dean Baker

Investment Bank Welfare?

March 2009, Dean Baker and Matt Sherman

Bringing Home the Green Recovery: A User's Guide to the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

March 2009, Shawn Fremstad, Radhika Fox and Jason Walsh

Evaluating TARP and Its Impact on the Broader Economy
March 4, 2009, Testimony of Dean Baker Before the Financial Institutions Subcommittee of the Financial Services Committee (House of Representatives)
Family-Friendly Policies: What the Federal Government Can Do
March 3, 2009, Testimony of Eileen Appelbaum before the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections of the Committee on Education and Labor (House of Representatives)
The Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts After the Collapse of the Housing Bubble

February 2009, David Rosnick and Dean Baker

The Impact of the Current Economic Crisis on the Elderly
February 25, 2009, Testimony of Dean Baker Before the Special Committee on Aging (Senate)
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