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A Concise History of Exchange Rate Regimes in Latin America
April 2010, Roberto Frenkel and Martín Rapetti

Capital Controls and Monetary Policy in Developing Countries
April 2010, José Antonio Cordero and Juan Antonio Montecino

Profits on Citigroup Stock: Can They Be the Basis for Financing Stimulus?
April 2010, Dean Baker

Using Food Aid to Support, Not Harm, Haitian Agriculture
April 2010, Mark Weisbrot, Jake Johnston, and Rebecca Ray

Unions and Upward Mobility for Immigrant Workers
March 2010, John Schmitt

Health-Insurance Coverage Rates for US Workers, 1979-2008
March 2010, Hye Jin Rho and John Schmitt

Reconciliation and Representation: The Share of the Population Represented by the Democratic Majority

March 2010, Sarika Gupta

The Budget Deficit Scare Story and the Great Recession

February 2010, Dean Baker

The Unions of the States
February 2010, John Schmitt

Latvia’s Recession: The Cost of Adjustment With An “Internal Devaluation”

February 2010, Mark Weisbrot and Rebecca Ray

Responses to Criticisms of Taxes on Financial Speculation

January 2010, Dean Baker

The Potential Revenue from Financial Transactions Taxes

December 2009, Dean Baker, Robert Pollin, Travis McArthur, and Matt Sherman

Public Investment, Industrial Policy and U.S. Economic Renewal
December 2009, Robert Pollin and Dean Baker

Free Ride: The Senate Health Bill’s Approach to “Employer Responsibility” Means Some Large Employers Get to Take It Easy

December 2009, Shawn Fremstad

Taming the Deficit: Saving Our Children from Themselves

December 2009, David Rosnick and Dean Baker

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