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The Cost of the War on Terrorism and the Cost of Social Security
February 2002, Dean Baker

What Happened to Argentina?

January 2002, Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker

The New Economy Recession: Economic Scorecard 2001

December 2001, Dean Baker

Stock Returns for Dummies
December 2001, Dean Baker

Money for Nothing: The Increasing Cost of Foreign Reserve Holdings to Developing Nations

November 2001, Dean Baker and Karl Walentin

The New Economy Goes Bust: What the Record Shows

October 2001, Dean Baker

Will New Trade Gains Make Us Rich? An Assessment of the Prospective Gains from New Trade Agreements

October 2001, Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot

Hot Air Over the Artic? An Assessment of the WEFA Study on the Economic Impact of ANWR Oil Drilling
September 2001, Dean Baker

The World Bank's Attack on Social Security
August 2001, Dean Baker

Defaulting on the Social Security Trust Fund Bonds: Winners and Losers
July 2001, Dean Baker

The Scorecard on Globalization 1980-2000: 20 Years of Diminished Progress

July 2001, Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, Egor Kraev, Judy Chen

Effective Currency Transactions Taxes: The Need to Tax Derivatives
July 2001, Dean Baker

Is the Treasury Above the Law?
June 2001, Robert Naiman

Growth May Be Good for the Poor, But are IMF and World Bank Policies Good for Growth?

May 2001, Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, Robert Naiman, and Gila Neta

Vaccine Buying Pools: Is More Protectionism the Best Route?
May 2001, Dean Baker

Gaining with Trade?

March 2001, Dean Baker

NAIRU: Dangerous Dogma at the Fed

December 2000, Dean Baker

One Year After Seattle: Globalization Revisited

November 2000, Mark Weisbrot

The Costs of the Stock Market Bubble

November 2000, Dean Baker

The Emperor Has No Growth: Declining Economic Growth Rates in the Era of Globalization

November 2000, Mark Weisbrot, Robert Naiman and Joyce Kim

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