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7 Things You Need to Know About the National Debt, Deficits, and the Dollar
June 2011, Dean Baker and David Rosnick

Macroeconomic Policy, Growth and Income Distribution in the Brazilian Economy in the 2000s
June 2011, Franklin Serrano and Ricardo Summa

Labor Market Policy in the Great Recession: Some Lessons from Denmark and Germany
May 2011, John Schmitt

Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without Change
May 2011, Mark Weisbrot

Jamaica: Macroeconomic Policy, Debt and the IMF
May 2011, Jake Johnston and Juan Antonio Montecino

Representative Ryan’s $30 Trillion Medicare Waste Tax

April 2011, David Rosnick and Dean Baker

High-Performance Work Practices and Sustainable Economic Growth
April 2011, Eileen Appelbaum, Jody Hoffer Gittell, Carrie Leana

The Scorecard on Development, 1960-2010: Closing the Gap?

April 2011, Mark Weisbrot and Rebecca Ray

The Ryan Medicare Plan: Winners and Losers

April 2011, Dean Baker and David Rosnick

The Wisconsin Retirement System is One of the Healthiest in the Country

March 2011, Dean Baker

The Wage and Employment Impact of Minimum-Wage Laws in Three Cities

March 22, 2011, John Schmitt and David Rosnick

Deconstructing Structural Unemployment
March 2011, John Schmitt and Kris Warner

The Potential Savings to Social Security from Means Testing
March 2011, Dean Baker and Hye Jin Rho

The Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis

February 2011, Dean Baker

A Voluntary Default Savings Plan: An Effective Supplement to Social Security
February 2011, Dean Baker and David Rosnick

The Deficit-Reducing Potential of a Financial Speculation Tax

January 2011, Dean Baker

Implementing the Coverage Provisions of Health Care Reform: What’s at Stake for Direct Care Workers
January 2011, Shawn Fremstad

Unions and Upward Mobility for Asian American and Pacific Islander Workers
January 2011, John Schmitt, Hye Jin Rho and Nicole Woo

Analysis of the OAS Mission’s Draft Report on Haiti’s Election
January 2011, Mark Weisbrot and Jake Johnston

Leaves That Pay: Employer and Worker Experiences With Paid Family Leave in California

January 2011, Eileen Appelbaum and Ruth Milkman

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