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What is Behind the Collapse of the Centre Left Parties in Europe?
The Real News Network, March 25, 2015

The Troubled US, Venezuela Relationship
The Heat (CCTV America), March 25, 2015

Viva Venezuela!
CrossTalk (RT), March 23, 2015

4 Things to Know About the US & Venezuela
AJ+, March 23, 2015

Fed Edition (Part II)
Boom Bust (RT), March 21, 2015

Fed Edition
Boom Bust (RT), March 19, 2015

Venezuela Economy: Maduro asks Congress for Expanded Powers
CCTV , March 11, 2015

Mark Weisbrot Talks About the Greeks' Debt Extension with the EU
The Big Picture (RT), February 24, 2015

Why We Must Oppose The Coming Fed Interest Rate Hike
OurFuture, February 18, 2015

Mark Weisbrot on the Greek Debt Talks
Business Edition (BBC World), February 05, 2015

GOP Blames Obama for Income Inequality
MSNBC, February 04, 2015

Dean Baker: New Leftist Greek Leaders Being "Very Smart" to Challenge German-Imposed Austerity
Democracy Now!, February 04, 2015

An End to "Mindless Austerity": Obama Pushes for Taxing the Rich to Fund New Spending Programs
Democracy Now!, February 04, 2015

David Merkel on U.S. Profits Slowdown, Mark Weisbrot on Greece
Boom Bust (RT), January 29, 2015

Where Are All the Funds Donated to Haiti Going?
Huff Post Live, January 27, 2015

South American Bond Market
Interviews from Washington (Telesur), January 26, 2015

Removing the Social Security Tax Cap Would Benefit Most Workers
The Real News, January 20, 2015

Removing the Social Security Tax Cap Would Benefit Most Workers
The Real News, January 20, 2015

Haiti 5 Years After Devastating Earthquake
The Real News, January 12, 2015

Haitian Aid Fraud
Breaking the Set (RT), January 08, 2015

Ann Pettifor on Europe & Dean Baker on the US economy
RT, January 08, 2015

​Ann Pettifor on Europe & Dean Baker on the U.S. Economy
Russian Today TV, January 08, 2015

Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and Sanctions for Venezuela
WSB-TV, January 02, 2015


Did Sen. Warren Make Wall Street an Enemy?
Bloomberg TV, December 23, 2014

Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and Sanctions for Venezuela
The Real News, December 23, 2014

What Is the Average Net Worth of Americans?
Exchange Magazine, December 12, 2014

What Is the Average Net Worth of Americans?
Bloomberg Businessweek, December 10, 2014

Alexander Main discussing Human Rights in Honduras
Canadian Parliament, December 09, 2014

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Mitch McConnell Wants a New Campaign Finance Loophole, and More
The Thom Hartmann Program, December 08, 2014

How’s US Economy Doing? With Tim Duy & Dean Baker
RT, November 25, 2014

Obama Knows GOP Will React Negatively
NBC News, November 20, 2014

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on Vulture Funds
Info News, November 20, 2014

Dean Baker on Jobs, Postal Banking, and the Gruber Controversy
The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, November 17, 2014

Wealth of Households and Poverty of its People
The Real News Network, November 13, 2014

The Glenn Show
Bloggingheads.tv, November 12, 2014

Should We Worry About the Growth of National Debt?
Ora, October 22, 2014

What Causes Income Inequality?
Ora, October 22, 2014

Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?
Ora, October 22, 2014

Why is Healthcare So Expensive?
Ora, October 22, 2014

Top 5 Facets About Global Trade That Will Surprise People
Ora, October 22, 2014

Top 5 Things About the Economy That Will Shock Most People
Ora, October 22, 2014

Latam Elections and the Region's Future
Interviews from Washington, DC (Telesur), October 13, 2014

The New ‘Sharing Economy’ Can Enrich Micro-Entrepreneurs But at What Cost?
NewsHour (PBS), October 10, 2014

It’s a Lie if You Think Obama Can’t Do Anything About the Immigration Crisis
Breaking the Set, October 09, 2014

Interview with Mark Weisbrot, Brazil's Economic Performance and the Upcoming Presidential Elections
Telesur English, September 26, 2014

Interview with Deborah James on the WTO
Interviews From Washington DC (TeleSUR), September 08, 2014

Interview with Dean Baker on Fed Policy
Bloomberg TV, August 15, 2014

Vacation Statistics that May Shock You
FOX News, August 04, 2014

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on Argentina
Interviews From Washington DC (TeleSUR), August 04, 2014

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on Argentina vs. Vulture Funds
INFOnews, July 29, 2014

Interview with Dean Baker on Inequality
Interviews From Washington DC (TeleSUR), July 28, 2014

Interview with Dean Baker on Obamacare Subsidies
Truthout, July 25, 2014

Obamacare Subsides on the Line
The Real News, July 25, 2014

Mark Weisbrot Talks about the BRICS Summit
CCTV America, July 16, 2014

Interview with Alexander Main on Roots of Immigration
Breaking the Set (RT), July 15, 2014

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on BRICS nations to have a lot of better policies
Biz Asia (CCTV), July 11, 2014

Jobs Starting to Soar?
All In with Chris Hayes, July 10, 2014

Mythbuster: Sen. Sanders Discusses the Minimum Wage with Al Sharpton on MSNBC
PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, July 10, 2014

MoneyWatch: Dow Falls Below 17k
Yahoo! Finance, July 09, 2014

Money Minute
Daily Finance, July 08, 2014

Fast Food Workers' Movement: Union 2.0
The Real News, June 24, 2014

Racial Perceptions and Economic Stress
The Colbert Report, June 16, 2014

College Graduates Struggle to Find Employment Worth a Degree
Washington Business Journal, June 06, 2014

Wage Growth Dilemma
CNBC, June 06, 2014

Is the U.S. Headed Toward Another Recession?
The Real News, June 05, 2014

Russian President Putin Kept out of G7 Summit
Huff Post Live, June 05, 2014

Senators' Letter to France Exposes U.S. Double Standard
NASDAQ, June 05, 2014

Is the US Headed Toward Another Recession?
Truthout, June 05, 2014

Fast Food Workers' Movement: Union 2.0
The Real News, June 01, 2014

Is There Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market?
Bloomberg Businessweek, May 28, 2014

Is There Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market?
BizJournals.com, May 28, 2014

Private Equity: A force for Good or Vulture Capitalism at Its Worst
Business News Network, May 16, 2014

Dropping Birth Rates Threaten Economic Growth
HuffPost Live, May 08, 2014

How the US Economy is Growing
MSNBC (Reid Report), May 02, 2014

The Three Ways to Fix the U.S. Economy
Yahoo finance (The Daily Ticker), May 01, 2014

The US and Cuba: Obsession
Empire (Al Jazeera English), April 28, 2014

IMF Will Address Global Inequality, Says Managing Director Christine Lagarde
The Real News, April 14, 2014

Baker: Absolutely No Pension Crisis
FOX Business, April 09, 2014

Venezuela: Will the New Floating Exchange Rate Curb Inflation?
The Real News, April 04, 2014

Is Obamacare In the Interest of Workers?
Palm Beach Post, March 31, 2014

TRNN Debate: Is Obamacare In the Interest of Workers?
The Real News Network, March 30, 2014

Dean Baker – The Long Downturn: Why it persists
NC Policy Watch, March 27, 2014

Expanded Overtime Won't Hurt Small Business: Baker
Bloomberg Businessweek, March 13, 2014

Casey and Merk on the Fed, the Tech World & the US Economy
RT, March 01, 2014

Venezuela Opposition Boycotts Maduro-Backed Peace Conference As Unrest Continues
The Real News, February 27, 2014

How are Cities Handling Urban Migration?
CCTV America, February 21, 2014

Another Radioactive Mistake, US Undermines Venezuela & Fees to Feed the Homeless (Mark Weisbrot joins the program at 20:22)
Breaking The Set, February 20, 2014

What's the CBO Report Really About?
MSNBC, February 19, 2014

Venezuelan Protests: President Maduro's Rocky Tenure
CCTV America, February 14, 2014

Jobs: Weather, Weakness, or Both?
Closing Bell (CNBC), February 07, 2014

The US Debt Limit is Approaching... Again
Bloomberg Businessweek, February 06, 2014

Future of Latin America as Presidential Elections Approach
CCTV America, February 01, 2014

Davos World Economic Forum
World Insight (CCTV), January 26, 2014

Venezuelan Economy: President Nicolás Maduro has Challenges ahead of Him
Al Jazeera English, January 15, 2014

Interview with Dean Baker on Jobs and Unemployment
NewsHour (PBS), January 10, 2014


Interview with Mark Weisbrot on Municipal Elections in Venezuela
Americas Now (CCTV), December 16, 2013

Fewer People Working Because of Obamacare: Baker
CNBC, December 12, 2013

Grading the U.S. Economy
Fox Business, December 05, 2013

California Schemin'
MSNBC, December 03, 2013

Honduran Presidential Election In Limbo
The Real News, November 26, 2013

Crime and Poverty Headline General Election in Honduras
CCTV America, November 24, 2013

The Critical Role of Fed Chair
MSNBC, November 24, 2013

Interview with Alexander Main on Honduran Elections
Al Jazeera America, November 24, 2013

Interview with Mark Weisbrot
Euronews, November 21, 2013

Employer-Sponsored Benefits Study Task Force
The Florida Channel, November 19, 2013

Despite shutdown, October Jobs Report Still Good News for Economy
PBS, November 08, 2013

Bill Moyers: Yves Smith and Dean Baker on Secrets in Trade
Truth Out, November 05, 2013

The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About
Moyers and Company, November 01, 2013

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on the U.S. Economy.
Jeff Randall Live (Sky News), October 31, 2013

Unemployment's ‘National Emergency’ & Free Work Economy
RT, October 31, 2013

Preview: The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About
Moyers & Company, October 30, 2013

Who is Behind TISA?
The Real News, October 15, 2013

Trade in Services Agreement Moves Forward, but How Will it Affect Consumers?
The Real News, October 14, 2013

The Nomination of Janet Yellen
BBC World News Television, October 09, 2013

Obamacare Debate: Flowers vs. Baker
The Real News, October 01, 2013

TPP Protestors Scale Trade Building To Bring Attention to Secretive Deal
The Real News, September 30, 2013

5th Anniversary of Financial Crisis, Obama Trumpeting Success
CCTV News, September 17, 2013

Soledad O'Brien in Haiti: Many Rebuild on Their Own After Quake
America Tonight (Al Jazeera America), September 16, 2013

Here’s How You Fix the Sluggish Job Market: Dean Baker
Yahoo! Finance, September 05, 2013

Detroit Favors Wall Street Over Workers' Pensions: Dean Baker
Yahoo! Finance, September 04, 2013

Fed Taper Talk Tackles ‘Incipient’ Housing Bubbles
Yahoo! Finance, September 03, 2013

Debt Ceiling's Impact on Stocks
CNBC, September 03, 2013

Is Detroit Bankruptcy a Result of Liberal Governance?
All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), August 20, 2013

U.S. Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort
Blouin News, August 19, 2013

Social Security Act Turns 78
The Real News, August 14, 2013

Democratizing the Fed with Dean Baker and Inspecting Obama's Housing Plan
The Prime Interest (RT), August 07, 2013

Nightly Business Report -- August 6, 2013
CNBC, August 06, 2013

Higher Costs For Consumers With No Fannie & Freddie: Baker
Nightly Business Report, August 06, 2013

Rising Latinos!
Cross Talk (RT), August 04, 2013

Will Jobs Numbers Impact Fed's Bond Buying?
BloombergTV, August 02, 2013

Job Market Impact on Consumer Spending
BloombergTV, August 02, 2013

Interview With John Schmitt on CNN
CNN, August 02, 2013

Will Jobs Numbers Impact Fed's Bond Buying?
Bloomberg TV, August 02, 2013

Dean Baker on Fareed Zakaria GPS
CNN, July 28, 2013

Punting on Obamacare
Your Money (CNN), July 13, 2013

Will Fed 'Pull the Rug Out' from Markets?
CNBC, July 08, 2013

America's Part-Time Economy?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), July 08, 2013

Time for Pro-Growth Tax Reform!
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), July 08, 2013

U.S. Allies Violate International Law Pursuing Snowden
The Real News, July 07, 2013

How US Corporations Don't Pay Their Taxes
RTAmerica, July 04, 2013

Obamacare Delay Will Prove ‘Jobs-Killer’ Label Was Trumped Up: Dean Baker
The Daily Ticker (Yahoo! Finance), July 03, 2013

No Matter What the Jobs Report Says, the Fed Should Not Change Policy: Economist Dean Baker
The Daily Ticker (Yahoo! Finance Canada), July 03, 2013

Why is Job Quality Deteriorating for Black Workers?
Bloomberg TV, July 01, 2013

Fed, Stimulus & the Markets
CNBC, July 01, 2013

Least Untruthful
Cross Talk (RT), June 25, 2013

Is China about to Economically Fall?
The Big Picture (RT), June 21, 2013

Brazil Protests: A Giant Rises
HuffPost Live, June 18, 2013

Thousands Protesting on the Streets in Brazil
RTAmerica, June 18, 2013

U.S. Government Department Under Scrutiny?
Inside Story Americas (Aljazeera), June 14, 2013

Americans Take Fewer Vacations
CNN, May 31, 2013

New Deadly Virus; Suspicious Letter Sent to White Hosue; U.S. Mom Jailed in Mexico
Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees, May 30, 2013

No-Vacation Nation
Huffpost Live, May 28, 2013

50-Plus Workers, Recession and Career Reboot
AARP, May 28, 2013

U.S. Only Rich Country Where Paid Vacation Not Guaranteed: Report
CBS News, May 28, 2013

Nightly Business Report – Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Nightly Business Report, May 14, 2013

What's Really Behind the Worker Shortage?
Bloomberg TV, May 10, 2013

Mark Weisbrot Discusses the Economy of Latin America
Biz Asia America (CCTV), May 07, 2013

Papantonio: Why Deficits Don’t Matter
Ring of Fire, May 01, 2013

Pending Home Sales Rise More Than Forecast
Bottom Line (Bloomberg TV), April 29, 2013

Austerity's Spreadsheet Error
Colbert Report, April 23, 2013

Companies Cutting Costs, Not Hiring
CNBC, April 22, 2013

Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Plotting Coup After Deadly Post-Election Protests
Democracy Now, April 17, 2013

What's Next for Venezuela? (Alex joins at 1:30)
Inside Story Americas (Aljazeera), April 16, 2013

Will Chávez Revolution Continue in Venezuela? A Debate After Maduro’s Close Election Victory
Democracy Now, April 15, 2013

U.S. Treasury Will Set Economic Policy in Tunisia
Nawaat, April 15, 2013

Assessing U.S.-Venezuela Relations After Very Close Election Favors Maduro
PBS Newshour, April 15, 2013

Saving the Social Safety Net
Melissa Harris-Perry (MSNBC), April 14, 2013

Ruling a Post-Chavez Venezuela (Alex joins at 8:00)
Inside Story (Aljazeera), April 13, 2013

Baker and Magowan on Obama's Budget Priorities
Biz Asia America, April 11, 2013

Fast Food: High Profits and Low Wages
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), April 09, 2013

Obama to Shoot Santa Clause?
The Big Picture (RT), April 08, 2013

Looting of America
RT, April 05, 2013

GOP's Secret Obamacare Plan?
Kudlow Report (CNBC), March 28, 2013

GOP's Pro-Growth Governors
Kudlow Report (CNBC), March 28, 2013

Food Stamp Usage Up
Kudlow Report (CNBC), March 28, 2013

Am I Poor?
Huffington Post Live, March 25, 2013

The Stimulus Stays In Place
CNBC, March 20, 2013

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Judge Rules Against Attempt to Strike Down Health Care Law on Religious Grounds
Truth-Out, March 19, 2013

Federal Budget Battle: Dean Baker Vs. Steve Forbes
Bloomberg TV, March 12, 2013

Austerity and the Death of Logic
Real News Network, March 12, 2013

Ryan Budget Plan Is Kind of a Joke: Baker
Bloomberg TV, March 12, 2013

Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Federal Benefits
C-SPAN, March 11, 2013

Death of a 'Dictator': Chavez and the Media
Inside Story (Al Jazeera), March 08, 2013

Hugo Chavez's Economic Legacy
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), March 07, 2013

CrossTalk (RT), March 07, 2013

Venezuela's Real Division Over Who Benefits from Oil Wealth
Real News Network, March 05, 2013

Press Club Rewind (Dean appears at 2:20)
National Press Club, March 05, 2013

Economic Optimism Realistic?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), March 04, 2013

Billionaires for Austerity: With Cuts Looming, Wall Street Roots of "Fix the Debt" Campaign Exposed
Democracy Now!, February 26, 2013

Lawmakers Weigh Economic Impact of Minimum Wage Hike
KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul (NBC), February 25, 2013

Santelli's 'Wacky' Shouting Match on Debt
CNBC, February 22, 2013

Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages
Moyers & Company, February 22, 2013

Correa Wins Re-Election and Says Banks and Mass Media Don't Rule Anymore
Real News Network, February 18, 2013

Interview with Deborah James on Ecuador's Elections (Deborah joins the program at 16:06)
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), February 15, 2013

Gauging South America's Biggest Economies
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), February 13, 2013

Post State of the Union Analysis
CNBC, February 12, 2013

Parsing Rubio's Performance
CNBC, February 12, 2013

The Sequester: The Next, Big, Self-Imposed Crisis (Part 1 of 4)
Up with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), February 10, 2013

The Sequester: The Next, Big, Self-Imposed Crisis (Part 2 of 4)
Up with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), February 10, 2013

The Sequester: The Next, Big, Self-Imposed Crisis (Part 3 of 4)
Up with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), February 10, 2013

The Sequester: The Next, Big, Self-Imposed Crisis (Part 4 of 4)
Up with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), February 10, 2013

Working Less Could Save the Planet (Mark Weisbrot joins the program at 12:50)
The Lang & O'Leary Exchange (CBC), February 08, 2013

Save the Economy By Working Less?
Fox Business, February 05, 2013

Cuba Not Isolated in Latin America
The Real News, February 04, 2013

Markets Rally on Hope Fed Will Keep Pumping
Closing Bell (CNBC), February 01, 2013

Debt Ceiling Deal Could Be Disastrous For Social Security
Ring of Fire Radio, January 31, 2013

Bring on the Budget Cuts?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), January 28, 2013

Centre for Economic & Policy Research On US GDP
Jeff Randall Live (Sky News), January 21, 2013

Growth Ahead? Jobs, Policy & More
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), January 17, 2013

Canada Suspends Aid to Haiti, UN, US, Canada Spend Money on "Security" as Cholera Persists
The Real News, January 12, 2013

Uncertainty Looms Over Venezuela
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), January 11, 2013

Chavez Misses Inauguration, Will Be Sworn in by Supreme Court if he Recovers
The Real News, January 11, 2013

Hassett, Baker Roundtable on Budget Accord
Bloomberg Surveillance (Bloomberg TV), January 02, 2013


Plan B Blows Up in Boehner's Face
Up with Chris Hayes (MSNBC), December 23, 2012

Ha-Joon Chang: Growth in Developing World Shouldn't Overexcite People
The Guardian, December 21, 2012

What Happens Jan. 1st?
Street Signs (CNBC), December 21, 2012

What Happens Jan. 1st?
CNBC, December 21, 2012

Dean Baker: The Biggest Myth in Obama-GOP Spending Showdown is the "Fiscal Cliff" Itself
Democracy Now!, December 14, 2012

Dean Baker: Obama 'Has All Cards' in Deficit Talks
Bloomberg TV, December 07, 2012

Nicole Woo of the Center For Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C., says Advertisers Are Making Money From Fiscal Cliff Campaigns
WUSA9, December 07, 2012

Irrational Fear?
CNBC, December 05, 2012

Ha-Joon Chang: Microfinance Saga Tells You Aid is No Magic Bullet
The Guardian, November 21, 2012

Are US Corporations Exploiting Their Workers?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), November 21, 2012

Fiscal Cliff or Reality Check
CNBC, November 19, 2012

Petraeus & the Sex-Obsessed Media
Breaking the Set (RT), November 16, 2012

What is Driving Argentina's Protest Movement?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), November 10, 2012

Ha-Joon Chang on Jobs: 'In the End, Policies are Decided on the Street'
The Guardian, November 05, 2012

Economist: Sandy to 'Boost' Economy
Jeff Randall Live (Sky News), October 31, 2012

Baker, Zingales Discuss Health Care, Tax Code
Surveillance (Bloomberg TV), October 25, 2012

Smackdown of the Veeps
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), October 11, 2012

U.S. Corporate Media Follows State Department Lead on Chavez
The Real News, October 09, 2012

How Will Chavez's Victory Impact the World?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera English), October 09, 2012

Has the Chavez Revolution Been a Success?
The Big Picture (RT), October 09, 2012

Chavez Wins After Massive Voter Turnout
The Real News, October 08, 2012

September Unemployment Rate a Statistical Fluke?
Fox Business, October 05, 2012

What is At Stake for Venezuela?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera English), October 02, 2012

Study: Gloomy Small Biz Outlook
Closing Bell (CNBC), September 26, 2012

Study: Gloomy Small Biz Outlook
CNBC , September 26, 2012

Calamity Romney and His Tax Troubles
The Ed Show MSNBC, September 24, 2012

Why are the Wealthiest One Percent So Angry?
The Ed Show (MSNBC), September 19, 2012

What's A Fed To Do?
HuffPost Live, September 10, 2012

Busting Social Security Myths
The Cycle (MSNBC), September 05, 2012

The Politics of Medicare; Middle Class Squeeze; Arming the Workforce of Tomorrow
Your Bottom Line (CNN), August 25, 2012

Collateral Damage of a Drug War
The Real News, August 21, 2012

Assange and the Decline of the West
The Big Picture (RT), August 20, 2012

The Curious Case of Julian Assange
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera English), August 17, 2012

‘UK Made a Huge Mistake Threatening Ecuador’ – Analyst
RT, August 17, 2012

Dean Baker on Paul Ryan and U.S. Presidential Race
Bloomberg Businesweek, August 17, 2012

Why is Honduras So Violent?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera English), August 16, 2012

Thom Hartmann on the News, August 8, 2012
The Big Picture (RT), August 08, 2012

Romney's Tax Math Doesn't Add Up
The Ed Show (MSNBC), August 02, 2012

'Wall Street Profited from US Housing Bubble'
Press TV, July 30, 2012

Interview with Dean Baker on Bernanke Testimony (Dean joins the program at 33:50)
The Alyona Show (RT), July 19, 2012

Meet 1 Family w/More Wealth than 40% of America
The Big Picture (RT), July 19, 2012

Banks Defy Headlines and Resist Regulation Moves
7.30-ABC, July 18, 2012

Newly Created Jobs Go Mostly to Men
KTXL TV , July 16, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Would Cutting the Work Week put Everyone Back to Work?
The Big Picture (RT), July 11, 2012

GlaxoSmithKline Fraud Case: Does Crime Pay?
Inside Story Americas (Al Jazeera), July 10, 2012

After Austerity: The Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor - Video
Comment Is Free (The Guardian), July 09, 2012

ECB Needs to Do Fed-Like QE, JPMorgan's Kasman Says [Dean Baker discussed at 9:16]
Bloomberg Businessweek, July 06, 2012

What the Jobs Report Means for You
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), July 05, 2012

Mexico's Elections: Back to the Future?
Inside Story (Al Jazeera), June 30, 2012

Ha-Joon Chang on the Eurozone Crisis and Growth
Social Europe Journal, June 27, 2012

Are There Alternatives to a Euro Zone Recession?
Business News Network (Canada), June 25, 2012

Should Health Care Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?
CNN, June 22, 2012

Eurozone Crisis...What's the End Game?
The Big Picture (RT), June 13, 2012

Should Fed Intervene in Spanish Bond Market?
The Real News Network, June 08, 2012

What Drives U.S. Policy in Central America?
Inside Story (Al Jazeera), June 08, 2012

Is Ecuador's Economic Policy a Non Neo-Liberal Alternative?
The Real News Network, June 07, 2012

CFOs Lobby Congress on Dividend Tax
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), May 17, 2012

Unemployment: Addressing a Worsening 'Human Disaster' in U.S.
PBS NewsHour, May 14, 2012

Austerity, the Euro Crisis and the U.S.
The Real News, May 09, 2012

Is the U.S. Still in Recession?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), May 02, 2012

Ha-Joon Chang and John Lanchester: 'The Opportunity to Change After the Financial Crisis Has So Far Been Squandered'
Comment is Free (The Guardian), May 01, 2012

Beat the Press with Dean Baker
The Real News, April 23, 2012

Can Jim Yong Kim Make a Difference at the World Bank?
The Real News, April 17, 2012

U.S. Isolated at Summit of Americas
The Real News, April 17, 2012

Will the World Bank Change Direction?
Al Jazeera English, April 14, 2012

The 'Recovery-less' Recovery?
The Alyona Show (RT), April 04, 2012

Bolster King Dollar!
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), April 03, 2012

Can Jim Yong Kim Reinvent the World Bank?
The Big Picture (RT), March 26, 2012

Own-to-Rent With One of Its Progenitors: Dean Baker…LIVE!
On the Economy, March 24, 2012

U.S. Blocking Cuba Attending Summit of Americas
The Real News, March 24, 2012

No ‘Magic Potion’ Will Make the GOP Budget Plan Work
The War Room with Jennifer Granholm, March 20, 2012

The Cost of 'Obamacare'
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), March 08, 2012

Crude Realities: Obama's Oil Headache
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), February 22, 2012

Eurozone Strikes Deal on Second Greek Bailout Package
BBC News, February 20, 2012

Is Capitalism Bankrupt?
Al Jazeera English, February 18, 2012

Obama’s Budget Does Not Address ‘Huge Military Spending’
PressTV, February 18, 2012

Payroll Tax Compromise
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), February 13, 2012

The Best Tax Plan: Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), February 10, 2012

Baker, Mayer on U.S. Housing as a Voter Issue
Bloomberg TV, January 31, 2012

Mitt or Newt: Which Tax Plan is Better?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), January 31, 2012

Inside Story Americas - Haiti: The republic of NGOs?
Inside Story (Al Jazeera English), January 13, 2012

GOP Debates Ignore Euro Crisis
The Alyona Show (RT), January 09, 2012

Rental Properties Could Help Solve Housing Crisis
PBS Nightly Business Report, January 09, 2012

Haiti Outrage: UN Soldiers from Sex Assault Video Freed
ABC News, January 06, 2012

Baker on U.S. Labor Market, Incomes, Stocks
Bloomberg TV, January 03, 2012


Leaders Meet to Save Euro
CTV News, December 08, 2011

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on the Eurozone Crisis
Al Jazeera English, December 05, 2011

Dean Baker: "If You Want to Talk to Someone From Goldman Sachs, Call the Treasury"
Capital Account (RT), December 05, 2011

IMF Bailout: Taxpayers on the Hook?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), November 30, 2011

Austerity Not the Answer for Europe
Business News Network, November 28, 2011

No Deal for the Supercommittee?
The Dylan Ratigan Show (MSNBC), November 21, 2011

Supercommittee Not a Failure?
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), November 21, 2011

Debate On Austerity And The Eurozone
The Real News, November 19, 2011

Is China’s $6 Trillion Economy on a Bubble?
The Stream (Al Jazeera English), November 16, 2011

Is a Two-Tier Eurozone a Way out of the Crisis?
Channel 4 News, November 10, 2011

National Unemployment Falls Slightly as Checks Run Out for Most Out-of-Work Americans
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Rage on Wall Street
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BRICS to the Rescue?
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Operation Twist in the Wind?
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Washington Money Politics
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Republicans Look to Avoid Job Creation with More Stunt Legislation
The Rachel Maddow Show, August 30, 2011

Wall Street Ups the Odds of Another Recession
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Eileen Appelbaum Discusses Issues Affecting Working Women in America
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The Case for More Spending to Prevent a Recession
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Pessimistic Markets Price in Risk of Recession
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U.S. Headed for Another Recession?
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Debt Deal Does a Number on American Jobs
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Media Malpractice on Debt Ceiling
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Tea Party Buyer's Remorse
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Why Save the Euro?
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How to Grow the Economy
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Greek Parliament Approves $40B Bailout; Some Economists Predict Vote Will Worsen the Recession
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Lagarde-ing the International Monetary Fund
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Who's Going to Win - Greece or the Banksters?
The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (RT), June 28, 2011

Progress or Political Theatre with US Budgetary Woes?
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U.S. Doomed to Default?
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Bring Overseas Billions Back Home?
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WikiLeaks Haiti Documents Show US Influence
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Obama and Merkel Talk Policy and War in Washington
RT, June 07, 2011

Renovating America
The Dylan Ratigan Show (MSNBC), June 03, 2011

Should QE2 Continue?
The Call (CNBC), May 18, 2011

IMF Remains Fully Operational Despite Arrest
CCTV, May 17, 2011

US Default vs. Social Security
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DC punts on $14 Trillion US debt
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An 'End of History' for Liberal Capitalism?
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Spotlight Webcast: Family Paid Leave
Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, April 27, 2011

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism Pt.8
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GOP Budget Ends Medicare
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IMF/World Bank Ready to Listen to BRICS?
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Budget Debate Distracts From Job Creation
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U.S. Government Should Spend, Not Cut
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Haitians Demand New Elections
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Austerity Budget Means More Unemployment
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Haiti's Shaky Democracy
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China v. US: Battle of Ideologies
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Haiti Earthquake Anniversary
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US Dollars Fight to Fund Popular Movements Abroad
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'Progress' in Haiti, a Cruel Joke?
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New Congress, Old Results
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Tax the Super Rich?
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Democracy Now!, November 12, 2010

Federal Deficit Reduction
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Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman (PBS), November 09, 2010

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GOP Plan to Solve Mortgage Mess
The Call (CNBC), October 28, 2010

Political Impasse Prolongs Grim Forecast For Job Creation
GRITtv, October 13, 2010

Older Workers Waiting Longer To Retire
CBS News, October 09, 2010

US Losing Influence. Even in IMF.
RT America, October 08, 2010

Independent Sources: Nobody’s Backyard
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President Obama's Second Stimulus May Get Stuck
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A Look at Senate's $26B Aid Package
Nightly Business Report (PBS), August 05, 2010

Fed on Right Track?
CNBC, August 03, 2010

Social Security Under Attack: Cuts Proposed, Higher Retirement Age Suggested
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Baker, Holltz-Eakin Debate Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts
Bloomberg (via The Washington Post), July 16, 2010

Wall Street Reform Set to Become Reality
Countdown with Keith Olbermann, July 15, 2010

What Jobs Mean for Recovery
The Kudlow Report (CNBC), July 02, 2010

Interview With 'South Of The Border' Writer Mark Weisbrot
The Young Turks, July 01, 2010

Dean Baker: Financial Reform or Lack Thereof?
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Decades of High Unemployment Likely
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Our No Vacation Nation
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Oliver Stone Says He Was 'Tough' on Chavez
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Housing Optimists Are
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New York Times, May 12, 2010

"The People Of Greece Are Fighting For The Whole Of Europe"
Democracy Now!, May 11, 2010

The Impact of Greece's Downturn
Riz Khan (Al Jazeera), May 10, 2010

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GRITtv, May 10, 2010

Scandals Sap American Market Credibility
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Baker Says Regulatory Overhaul Won't `Change the System'
Bloomberg TV, April 21, 2010

Tea Parties Protest Government Spending
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Privatize Fannie & Freddie?
Power Lunch (CNBC), April 09, 2010

UK's 50% Tax Rate Goes Into Effect
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Bank Scam with Economist Dean Baker of CEPR
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Banks Could Be Big Winners of President Obama’s Foreclosure Prevention Program
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