NYT Says DeSantis Is Upset About the Devastating Impact Trump Immigration Policy Had on Florida

April 10, 2023

That is not precisely what the piece said, but that is what is implied by the one statistic on the cost of immigration given in the article. The article told readers:

State officials said health care for undocumented immigrants cost nearly $313 million during the 2020-21 fiscal year, a sum paid by local, state and federal governments.

The person who was in the White House for most of Florida’s 2020-21 fiscal year was Donald Trump. If the health care costs that Florida saw in that year as a result of undocumented immigrants was a major burden, then it would have been the fault of Donald Trump’s policies, not Biden, who didn’t take office until late January 2021.

Since many people may not know offhand how much $313 million is to the state of Florida, it comes to roughly $15 per person for the state’s population. It would be a bit less than 0.3 percent of the state’s budget, although, as the article notes, much of this cost was picked up by the federal government.


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