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A Critical Review of the US State Department’s 2015 Progress Report on Haiti

December 20, 2016

Jasmine Huggins

Charissa Zehr

Jessica Hsu

Alan Yarborough


December 2016, Alexander Main, Jasmine Huggins, Jake Johnston, Charissa Zehr, Jessica Hsu, and Alan Yarborough

This review, published jointly by the Center for Economic and Policy Research and the Haiti Advocacy Working Group, looks at the US State Department’s annual reports on US assistance to Haiti mandated under the 2014 Assessing Progress in Haiti Act. The review analyzes the various components of the reports and identifies significant omissions and deficiencies, including incomplete data, a failure to link projects and outcomes, and a failure to adequately identify mistakes and lessons learned.

In addition, the review shares feedback from Haitian civil society groups and makes recommendations on how the US Agency for International Development and the State Department can improve future progress reports.

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