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Article Artículo CoronavirusInternational Monetary FundFondo Monetario InternacionalUS Foreign PolicyPolítica exterior de EE. UU.WorldEl MundoWorld Bank

We Can’t Trust the IMF and World Bank to Lead the COVID-19 Recovery

Lara MerlingLara Merling / May 28, 2020 28 Mayo 2020

Article Artículo ArgentinaArgentinaInternational Monetary FundFondo Monetario Internacional

Without an Economic Recovery, Argentina Cannot Repay Its Debt

Lara MerlingLara Merling / May 05, 2020 05 Mayo 2020

Article Artículo EcuadorEcuadorGlobalization and TradeGlobalización y comercioInternational Monetary FundFondo Monetario InternacionalLatin America and the CaribbeanAmérica Latina y el CaribeWorldEl Mundo

After the Argentina Debacle, the IMF Endorses Weakening Capital Controls in Ecuador

Lara MerlingLara Merling / December 18, 2019 18 Diciembre 2019

Report Informe Health and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludLatin America and the CaribbeanAmérica Latina y el CaribePuerto RicoPuerto RicoWorldEl Mundo

Puerto Rico’s New Fiscal Plan: Certain Pain, Uncertain Gain

Lara Merling and Jake JohnstonLara Merling y Jake Johnston / June 06, 2018 06 Junio 2018

Report Informe Globalization and TradeGlobalización y comercioLatin America and the CaribbeanAmérica Latina y el CaribeMexicoMexicoWorldEl Mundo

Did NAFTA Help Mexico? An Update After 23 Years

Mark Weisbrot and Lara MerlingMark Weisbrot y Lara Merling / March 29, 2017 29 Marzo 2017

Report Informe EcuadorEcuadorLatin America and the CaribbeanAmérica Latina y el CaribeWorldEl Mundo

Decade of Reform: Ecuador’s Macroeconomic Policies, Institutional Changes, and Results