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CEPR produces same-day analyses of government data on employment, inflation, GDP and other topics. Data Bytes are released by 11 a.m. and titled, as appropriate, Jobs Byte, Prices Byte, etc.

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Jobs Byte

December 05, 2014
Economy Adds 321,000 Jobs, Strongest Gain in Almost Three Years
The economy added 321,000 jobs in November, the strongest gain since it added 360,000 in January of 2012. With upward revisions to the prior two months data, the average job gain over the last three months has been 275,000. The household survey showed unemployment unchanged at 5.8 percent, with the employment-to-population ratio (EPOP) also unchanged at 59.2 percent.

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GDP Byte

October 30, 2014
Defense Spending and Net Exports Spur Higher Than Expected Third Quarter Growth
GDP grew at a higher than expected 3.5 percent annual rate in the third quarter. The biggest factors in this growth were a 16.0 percent increase in defense spending, which added 0.66 percentage points to growth; an 11.0 percent increase in the export of goods, which added 0.99 percentage points to growth; and a 2.4 percent decrease in the import of goods, which added 0.34 percentage points to growth. These three categories accounted for almost two full percentage points of the growth in the quarter.

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Housing Market Monitor

January 28, 2014
Housing Market Shows More Evidence of Stabilizing
Though house prices in the bottom tier of some markets continued to rise, the overall housing market shows signs of stabilization.

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Social Security Byte

May 31, 2013
Social Security and Medicare Reports Little Changed from 2012
The projected shortfall in Medicare has fallen by almost 70 percent since 2008.

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Prices Byte

July 17, 2012
CPI in June Shows Little Sign of Rising Inflation
Core inflation increased by just 0.2 percent as trade prices fell.

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Union Membership Byte

January 24, 2014
Union Membership, 2013
The number of union members rose 162,000 in 2013, reflecting a drop of 118,000 in the public sector that was offset by a rise of 281,000 in the private sector. Expressed as a share of the workforce, the union membership rate was unchanged in 2013, at 11.3 percent.

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Latin America Byte

April 27, 2012
Brazil: Job Market Swings Back Toward Industry
On a seasonally-adjusted basis, unemployment in Brazil rose to 5.8 from a record low of 5.5 in December.

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Prices Byte

July 17, 2012
CPI in June Shows Little Sign of Rising Inflation
Core inflation increased by just 0.2 percent as trade prices fell.

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Poverty Byte

November 07, 2011
The New Supplemental Poverty Numbers: Do They Paint an Accurate Picture of Poverty Today?
The new Supplemental Poverty Measure data released this morning for 2010 suggest that 3.2 million fewer children were poor (about 4.3 percent fewer) under the SPM than under the official poverty measure, while about 2.7 million more people age 65 or over were poor (almost 7 percent).

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