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Paid Sick Leave - Good for Business?

A new report from CEPR and the CUNY Murphy Institute delves into the impact of Connecticut's path-breaking paid sick leave law on business in the state. Drawing from survey data and on-site interviews, the report shows that the policy was not the job-killer that opponents claimed. That employers reported little or no negative effects after the law was implemented has significant implications for similar legislation around the nation.

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Unemployment Rate Unchanged in March

Though the unemployment held steady at 6.7 percent, the economy added 192,000 jobs in March. While this report is more postive than the prior two months, at the current rate of job growth, it would take 6 more years for the economy to reach full employment. More analysis in this month's Jobs Byte.

CEPR Analysis of Haiti’s Overturned Elections Affirmed by Former OAS Insider

In an exclusive interview, former OAS Special Representative to Haiti Ricardo Seitenfus reveals how the OAS intervened to overturn the results of Haiti’s 2010 elections, affirming CEPR’s analysis at the time. He also provides more details about threats made to oust then-president René Préval from office, and comments on the cholera epidemic, the U.N. mission, the Caracol industrial park, the role of NGOs in Haiti, Petrocaribe and more.

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