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The Dark Side of Private Equity

In this compelling interview, Eileen Appelbaum talks with KPFA about the case of Mervyn's and the economic impact of private equity. Eileen delves deeper in to the topic in her groundbreaking analysis of the private equity business model, Private Equity at Work, co-authored with Rosemary Batt.

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Pay-Cut Clock Documents Billions of Dollars Lost by Minimum-Wage Workers

Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of the minimum wage since it was last raised in 2009. As long as it remains stuck at $7.25 per hour, minimum-wage workers will face a continual and ongoing pay cut. CEPR's Minimum-Wage Pay-Cut Clock tracks the billions of dollars lost by workers every second the minimum wage remains frozen at the 2009 rate.

Commodity Prices and Economic Growth in Latin America

A new report by economists David Rosnick and Mark Weisbrot debunks the oft-cited 'commodities boom' explanation for Latin America's faster economic growth in recent years. Higher export prices allowed countries to avoid current account imbalances, but faster growth was achieved through other factors, such as successful macro-economic policy choices.

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