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The Fed and Interest Rates

In a new OpEd, Dean Baker weighs in on the Fed's decision to raise interest rates later this year. Dean points out that this policy would have have a significant impact on the labor market, potentially costing the economy over 200,000 new jobs.

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Economy Adds 257,000 Jobs in January

Though the unemployment rate edged up slightly to 5.7 percent in January, the overall jobs report was a good one. With the addition of jobs in January, the upward revisions of the prior months' data brings the 3 month average to 336,000 jobs. More in this month's Jobs Byte.

Urgent Needs Remain Five Years after Haiti’s Earthquake

Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch blog posts break down where things stand 5 years after Haiti’s devastating earthquake. Access to housing and good-paying jobs remain among pressing needs, while the U.N.-caused cholera epidemic that also began in 2010 continues to kill. Read Research Associate Jake Johnston's article in The Nation.

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