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A Quarter of Asian American Renters Spend Over Half of Their Income on Rent

May 22, 2024

Contact: Eleonora Piergallini, Mail_Outline

Washington, DC — Asian American renters, like many renters found in all other racial groups, are facing difficulties affording high rents. A new analysis from CEPR’s Algernon Austin shows that 25.3 percent of Asian American renters are spending more than half of their income on housing.

Asian Americans have a higher poverty rate than the white population. The data show there is a significant amount of income inequality in the Asian American population, and the high median income for the group is masking the economic condition of impoverished Asian Americans. 

“Affordable rental housing policy continues to fail low-income renters as it has been doing since at least the 1960s,” said Austin. His recent report details the failings of rental housing policy.

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