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Report Informe GovernmentEl GobiernoIntellectual PropertyPropiedad IntelectualUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Professor Stiglitz’s Contributions to Debates on Intellectual Property

Dean BakerDean Baker / July 21, 2023 21 Julio 2023

Article Artículo Consumer Price IndexEconomic Crisis and RecoveryCrisis económica y recuperaciónUnited StatesEE. UU.

Preview: What to Look for in the June CPI

Dean BakerDean Baker / July 10, 2023 10 Julio 2023

Article Artículo EmploymentJobsTrabajosUnemploymentUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Economy Adds 209,000 Jobs in June, Unemployment Edges Down to 3.6 Percent

Dean BakerDean Baker / July 07, 2023 07 Julio 2023

Article Artículo

June Jobs Preview: What to Expect in the June Jobs Report

Dean BakerDean Baker / July 06, 2023 06 Julio 2023

Article Artículo Intellectual PropertyPropiedad IntelectualMediaUnited StatesEE. UU.

New York Times Demands Caricatures in Talking About AI

Dean BakerDean Baker / July 03, 2023 03 Julio 2023

Article Artículo

Washington Post Continues Its Demographic Scare Stories

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 30, 2023 30 Junio 2023

Article Artículo

The Myth of the “Free Market”

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 29, 2023 29 Junio 2023

Article Artículo United StatesEE. UU.Wall StreetEl Mundo Financiero

New York Times Headlines Article “Public Tired of ‘Neo-Liberal’ Policies Designed to Make Rich Richer”

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 20, 2023 20 Junio 2023

Article Artículo Food PricesInflationUnited StatesEE. UU.

Since the Pandemic, Food Prices Have Risen 23.5 Percent; People the NYT Interviews Have Seen Much Sharper Increases

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 13, 2023 13 Junio 2023

Article Artículo JobsTrabajosUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

National Public Radio Promotes Lie in Defense of Child Labor

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 13, 2023 13 Junio 2023

Article Artículo

AI, Job Loss, and Productivity Growth

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 12, 2023 12 Junio 2023

Article Artículo Consumer Price Index

Preview: What to Look for in the May CPI

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 08, 2023 08 Junio 2023

Article Artículo COVID-19CoronavirusHealthcarePost-COVIDUnited StatesEE. UU.

Owning Up to Mistakes and Pandemic Deaths

Dean BakerDean Baker / June 07, 2023 07 Junio 2023