Last Chance to Promote Everything That's Good and True in 2014

December 22, 2014

Dear Friend,

As you may know, we here at CEPR like to think of ourselves as the Underdog of the Washington think tank world, fighting the economic and policy powers that be on behalf of the 99%.  We even convinced one of Dean’s dogs to pose as our mascot. Like Biscuit, we’re used to fighting above our weight (which is why we consistently rank number one in media hits and web traffic per budget dollar).

But as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we’re re-thinking our image. A new congress means even more challenges ahead for progressives. We’re going to have to work even harder and stand tougher. And we’re going to need more support to ensure that all of the gains we’ve made – from exposing the myth that private equity expands the economic pie to ensuring that aid to Haiti is going where it’s supposed to go– are not reversed.  We’re asking you to stand with us, to contribute what you can, to help us put up the strongest fight possible.

So while we’ll always love Biscuit, we think it may be time to recruit one of Dean’s other dogs to the CEPR cause.


Don’t let the calm, peaceful pose fool you.  She’s ready to stand tough. And with your help, so are we.

Thanks, and happy holidays,
Mark, Dean and CEPR staff, including dogs.

PS Donate $75 or more and receive a CEPR 15th Anniversary tote bag, featuring Biscuit, as our gift.

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