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Max B. Sawicky
Senior Research Fellow

Max B. Sawicky is an economist and writer in Virginia. He received his B.A. in English literature from Rutgers University, and his Masters and Ph.D. in economics at the University of Maryland/College Park. His principal areas of research and interest include the Federal budget, state and local finance, fiscal federalism, the economics of taxation, and privatization.

He has worked at the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, the Economic Policy Institute, and the Government Accountability Office. His economics commentary has appeared on the websites of the Economic Policy Institute, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Roosevelt Institute, and the Peoples Policy Institute. His three favorite papers for EPI are Up From Deficit Reduction (2004), The Poverty of the New Paradigm (1991), and with Robert Cherry, Giving Tax Credit Where Credit Is Due: A ‘Unified Universal Child Credit’ that Expands the EITC and Cuts Taxes for Working Families (2000).

With Rima Shore and Craig Richards, he is the co-author of Risky Business: Private Management of Public Schools. He edited The End of Welfare? Consequences of Federal Devolution for the Nation, Bridging the Tax Gap: Addressing the Crisis in Federal Tax Administration, and with Alex Molnar, The Hidden Costs of Channel One. He collaborated with Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) (separately, LOL) on legislation to institute an expanded tax credit for families with children. 

His articles have appeared in The American Prospect, In These Times, Jacobin, The Boston Review, The Baffler, Newsweek, Democracy Journal, The Daily Beast, Democratic Left, Pro Publica, The Peoples World, Mother Jones, The Progressive Populist, and The New Republic. He has consulted for the National Association of Social Workers, the National Women’s Law Center, the Service Employees International Union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the Alliance for Aviation Across America. He has written numerous op-eds appearing in the Boston Globe, the Houston Chronicle, the Miami Herald, the Austin Chronicle, the Arizona Republic, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times, among other newspapers. He was among the earliest bloggers on economics and politics, at MaxSpeak, You Listen! A partial archive of his writing can be found here.

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