More Mind Reading at the NYT: Tells Readers U.K. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s Real Concern Is the Working Class

January 03, 2023

You have to wonder if job applicants at the New York Times are tested on their mind-reading ability. It seems part of the job description, given how frequently it is done in news articles.

The latest is a piece on the strike wave hitting the United Kingdom. The article reports on the hardline stance against pay increases by Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

While some people may think that a conservative would be unhappy about seeing working-class people getting significant pay increases, the NYT tells us that Mr. Sunak’s opposition is actually due to his concern for the working class. The piece tells readers that Mr. Sunak “insists that agreeing to raises could embed inflation, which he sees as the real enemy of working people.”


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