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Section 230


No More Special Privileges for Social Media Giants: Reform Section 230
When Fox News aired former President Donald Trump and his supporters falsely claiming that Dominion voting machines stole the election for President Joe Biden, it was sued for defamation. This is because print and broadcast media can be held liable, not just for the content they generate themselves but also for any defamatory material produced by third parties that they carry to a larger audience.

Dean Baker / October 15, 2023

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United States


The PRO Act Is Critically Important. But We Should See It as Just a Good Start.
Earlier this year, a wave of high-profile strikes ushered unions back into the national spotlight. But as the United States’ so-called “hot labor summer” gives way to an equally enthusiastic fall, we must contend with the reality that while union activity is higher than it’s been in years, union density remains dismally low. The share of employees who belong to unions has been falling for decades and reached an all-time low of 10.1 percent in 2022. The share in the private sector was even lower

Hayley Brown / October 06, 2023